Welcome to my Passageway to Life

Welcome to hopes passage my name is Hope and I am a woman on a journey to reconcile my Christian faith and sexual identity.  This is no easy matter considering for the last 49 years I have identified myself as a lesbian.

I recognize that both the terms Christian faith and sexuality can spark passionate debate within both gay and Christian circles.  My intent is not to engage in an argument about who is right or wrong.  I am quite sure my story will stir deep seated emotions in both camps.  I intend to simply lay out for you the discoveries I have made since becoming a Christian two and half years ago; what brought me to the Christian faith and why I am reconciling faith and sexual identity?

To start with I do not believe anyone chooses to be gay.  I think that sexuality is not a choice and is not merely genetic in nature.  I have come to understand that a person’s sexuality is far more fluid in its make-up and it includes but is not exclusive to the following factors:  Biology/genetics, environment, choices, emotions, personality, and spirituality.

With that said I invite you into the passageway of my life hopes passage.

~ by hopespassage on July 10, 2011.

8 Responses to “Welcome to my Passageway to Life”

  1. Funny how when Pastor was saying that we need to move forward in our ministry I thought of you! I prayed that your gift and life experience would be more greatly used. You were prepared by Him even in the years you weren’t “in” Him(just as most of us were!). Love ya girl…great job!

  2. Looking foward to all you insight into life and Christianity! Love you Hope!

  3. I like how you begin by stating that your intent is not to debate about who is right or wrong. Our position is not to convince others necessarily, but to simply allow the scripture to speak for itself because the Word always determines right and wrong, not people’s opinions.

    Let the journey continue…proud of you!


  4. Allllll riiiiiiiiiight, Miss Hope! Good for you for launching a blog, and I can’t wait to follow your every word! Love you BIG!

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