Say What! OH No She Didn’t!

As you have read about my story and life,  you may be wondering where I stand on sexual idenity.  My answer will surprise some and upset others.   When I surrendered my life to Jesus many with good intentions thought and stated well now your straight and it’s all good.   Sy Rodgers says “God did not wave a magic wand and say 1,2,3 now your straight, date, mate and procreate.”  Oh that it were that it were that easy.

 As I have made an honest evaluation of my life and surrendered my life and will to Jesus Christ;  I have concluded that Gods word (the Bible) is far more than a set of rules that we are mandated to comply with.  Rather Gods word is set of guidelines & boundaries established with humanities highest good in mind.  While I may not have had a choice about being gay I do have a choice as to whether I will comply with God’s word.

1.)  Gods boundaries include that sex be between one man and one woman and within in the confines of marriage.

2.)  Those who are not married are to abstain from sex and live a pure life before God and others.

 Oh Yes, She Just Said That! 

 I didn’t say that this path is easy.  As for myself I do struggle with same sex attractions on occasion.  This is neither right nor wrong; the moral part is dependent on how I act on those attractions.  I am not attracted to the opposite sex and I cannot predict the future in regards to this issue.  I also know that God would have to heal me on deeper levels in order for me to engage in a healthy relationship with a member of the opposite sex.  I do choose daily to live a life that honors God and remain sexually pure.  Not an easy task in a sex crazed society that mandates us to please ourselves with whoever we choose to.  We also live in a world filled with broken people who are far removed from Gods original intention for each of our lives. 

In reality, one’s sexual preference does not (nor should not) define who that person is.  I think we limit God and others with the labels we place on each other.  As I have said before the only label or identity I want is to be known as is Gods child.  I am more than my sexuality.  The gay or lesbian struggle is not a sexual orientation problem; it is an identity confusion issue.  We don’t really know who God created us to be or who we really belong to.

I have discovered that we were all created for relationship first and foremost with God and then secondly to live in community with each other.  God has the called some to marriage and others to live a life of celibacy.  We humans are wired to be in relationship.  Ultimately our deepest relationship is meant to be with our Heavenly Father, and then in healthy relationship with one another as His children.  No earthly relationship is perfect because we are imperfect, broken people desperately trying to fulfill our needs with anything or anyone other than God.

This has been a process to come to the above conclusions. There are a wide range of people who follow this blog some are ever straight people.  Some are gay identified.  Some have of you have a strong faith and then there are those who do not know Jesus and have no desire to become a Christian.  Regardless, of your sexual orientation or the status of your faith, these are importnat matters of heart that I would encourage you to take the time to resolve for yourself.  As we begin a new year what better time than now.

I look forward to engaging in meaningful and ongoing conversations  you. Please feel free leave any comments or questions you may have.  I look forward to sharing my journey with you in 2012.

~ by hopespassage on December 31, 2011.

11 Responses to “Say What! OH No She Didn’t!”

  1. Well said! Life is a struggle for all of us in some way, but putting our Father first is the beginning of life as it was meant to be.

  2. I applaud your ability to be real when in this day in age people feel the need to be and say what is expected of them.

  3. Yep, she said that!!! And it’s all true!!! At this point in life I am called to a lifestyle that is not readily embraced by mainstream America. First I am a Christian. That is rapidly becoming more and more unfavorable in conventional society. (but when have I ever been a conformist) Secondly I am single and celibate. This is God’s will for my life right now. I am sure of that. A very unpopular pronouncement in the social order of today’s world. But I am not the first to go against the grain and live my life in a way that I believe is pleasing to God no matter what our culture dictates.

    Some of us are called to go out on a thin limb where there are very few who will dare to follow.

    Thanks for being REAL Hope!

  4. Hi Hope, I am thankful that God has His hand on your life, and even in the struggles you face, you have leaned on Him. Worry not that the temptations of life seem strong at times, we all face our temptations, but with God in control, we will all succeed. I may never see you in this life, I will look you up when we get to Glory! Keep the Faith, and as always, Let God be God, in your life. God Bless

  5. Praise God for your life sister, your raw, real & touching witness, declaration and depth. I lift u up my precious sister in our awesome Jesus & ask Him what He alone can do & go into the most profound wounded depths of your heart and pour in to overflowing His supernatural healing balm oil of Gilead into the wounds, cracks, and heal U up so beautifully to His Glory alone & according to His perfect will if you are to marry in the future, I ask our Father who is in Heaven to knot you with a man who u will be attracted to his heart, brain, soul and even his body and vice-versa & that u 2 will advance the Kingdom of Heaven for His Name Sake. His peace, healing, laughter & love continue to abound & multiply in your life! He has called u to a ver special place of ministry to those He cherishes & weeps over, the broken, the lost, the disheveled, the discarded, the temporarily ruined, the outcasts & so many more! His Shabbah & Shekinah Glory also be multiplied to u & to both the lost & the saints our Wonderful Lord has you ministering to. Your Sis in our Awesome Christ, Genevieve

    • Genevieve,
      thanks so much for those kind words. All I can do with my life is trust God and move forward. I know His desire is not about my sexuality as much as Health, wholeness, peace and holiness. Thank you for your prayer beautiful stated.

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