Exodus International 2012 Freedom Conference

Hello I have just returned from attending my third annual Exodus Freedom Conference entitled Made for More.  Three years ago this conference challenged me to start to come to terms with my sexuality and faith.  I was determined to prove that God created me gay and loved and accepted me just as I was.  Really this has been intense wrestling match intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.  Throughout this process I have engaged God and His word in the discussion/debate. This blog is a result of the journey I have been on.

This conference was a game changer for me on many levels.  In broad brush strokes personal themes for me included surrender, discovering my pain has a purpose, moving forward in the process and finally reconciling my faith and sexuality.  In the next post or two I hope convey the profound impact the 2012 conference has had on me.

I want to thank Alan Chambers the Exodus International staff, conference team and volunteers for outstanding job they did in putting together this year’s event.   In addition I want acknowledge the following keynote speakers; Christopher Yuan, Mary DeMuth, Kary Oberbrunner, and Patrick Payton. 

A special word of thanks, to workshop presenters Dr. Kathy Koch, D’Ann Davis, keynote presenter Ricky Chelette.  I also want to thank my Pastor Tom McDaniels and mentor Sue Bohlin you each have played a major role in this whole journey.  I am forever grateful God has placed you each in my life words fail to express the depth of my gratitude for each of you.

This conference continues to be launching point for me to come to terms with my faith.  The overall themes for me were surrender, moving forward in my healing, discovering my pain has a purpose, reaching some resolve between my faith and sexuality.

In the next couple of posts I hope I can convey you the profound impact this particular conference has had upon my life.

I would love to hear your thoughts if you heard me share my story on Thursday night.

As always your thoughts are always welcomed here.

The journey continues,


~ by hopespassage on July 2, 2012.

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