From Pain to Purpose

Right on heels of surrendering my sexuality to Jesus, I had the privilege of meeting and hearing Mary DeMuth.  It was very timely after the decision I made the night before. Mary grew up in a chaotic family and was deeply wounded by neighborhood boys who sexually abused her. Mary encountered Jesus during her sophomore year of high school and has allowed God to heal her wounded heart. Her desire is that others will meet the same Jesus who can take their deepest wounds and darkest trails and turn them into stunning triumphs.

I so appreciated her workshop which focused on the following quote from Oswald Chambers:  “Let the past sleep, but let it sleep on the bosom of Christ, and go out into the irresistible future with Him.”

Here are some the key things I took away:

One of her first statements was that pain has a purpose. My inner cynic scuffed at that one.

It is necessary to let go of what once defined us.  She had us identify I was statements about ourselves.  Here are mine I was rejected, I was abandoned, and I was abused.  Admittedly I have spent a great deal of my life with the label victim tattooed across my heart and in many ways those statements were driving forces in my own life.

In order to let go we need a positive that will motivate us to move forward.  For those who follow Jesus our motivator knowing the Great I Am and experiencing His healing in our lives.  The past can weigh us down, but when we surrender haw and why we have identified ourselves; God can take the inner turmoil and burden we bear.   She then challenged us rework our I was statements to define our life purpose by writing out our I am statements. Mary shared her own I was and I am statements; “I was molested”, “I am used by God to bring healing to others who have been molested”.

Here is mine I was gay identified and I am learning what my true identity is and will help others discover their true identity in Jesus.  In that moment something solidified within me.   I saw purpose behind my own pain and found motivation to resolve my childhood wounds and move forward in life to give myself away to others who feel lost and confused about who they are.  To lead them to the one who created them in His image.

Hand in hand with this new and personal revelation Mary made this very profound statement.  “As Christians we go from insignificant, to significant, to making others significant.”  I know I have some work to do before I can effectively do that, but I am moving forward into “the irresistible future with Him.”

Check out Mary’s auto-biography tilted Thin Places

I welcome your thoughts and comments

The journey continues,


~ by hopespassage on July 8, 2012.

5 Responses to “From Pain to Purpose”

  1. I’m humbled that my words brought such hope and revelation. Very cool. And I do believe you will be used by God to do amazing things, to help others be set free to know how much they’re loved by Jesus.

    • Mary I am forever grateful that our paths crossed at Exodus. Who knew that to women from Washington State could be so loved by Jesus so very much! Now you are forever deemed my fellow WaXan.

  2. Beautiful post. I have been very touched by Mary’s writing as well. God has a plan to use your hurt to help others. It can be painful, but is always worth it.

    • Thank Tammy for your words of encouragement. Yes I am motivated to work through my pain it is twofold now to be free of it and to walk with others into freedom

    • Thank Tammy for your words of encouragement. Yes I am motivated to work through my pain it is twofold now to be free of it and to walk with others into freedom

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