Is Surrender the Pathway to Life?

As a highly independent and most often guarded person surrender is a dirty nine letter word.  Yet as I stated in my last post that surrender and self denial, are what Jesus asks of us.  Most often He asks us to surrender and deny ourselves the things that drive us.  For me it was and is my sexual identity.

I can testify that didn’t come easy or overnight!  Yet I am discovering that surrender is bringing healing and life to me.  I know it makes no since to our humanity that seeks comfort, pleasure and security; to deny one one’s self the things that define us and seemingly fulfill us.   That is because we function within the tangible physical realm.  God on the other hand functions within the spiritual realm and beckons us as His children to step over into His realm.

Trust is a key element to surrender; without trust we will claw and fight for control of our lives.   I have begun to understand That God is the essence of truth, goodness, fairness, kindness, and justice.  He is worthy of my trust, He is worthy of my surrender.

God empowers us with the ability to choose if we will yield to His control.  For it is only through the freedom of choice that we can engage in a healthy relationship with Him.  Without choice He is reduced to a sadistic task master; and we His disposable pawns.

However, the surrender process moves me out of the familiar into the unknown.  It reduces me to the vulnerable selfish core of my being.  Yet it is at this place that I see what and who I need the most.  It is not my lofty ideals of life.  It is not my sexuality.  It is not my desire to be in the arms of another woman.

What I really need is to be purely and unselfishly loved.  No human is capable of doing so.  We humans ultimately are motivated by our own wants, needs and desires.   Only God is capable of loving us unconditionally.

I need to be heard and understood.  Yet without fail others will not hear me or understand who I really am.  Again this is the nature of humanity and the crux of rejection and pain common among us.  Who better to understand us than He who created us with intention and purpose?

To be loved, accepted, and understood are basic needs we all share.  If other people who were placed in a position of responsibility to pour those elements into our lives failed to do so;  then we walk around with gabbing holes in our souls.  We seek to fill those voids and wide variety of ways and yet we fail miserably.  I have come to know that only God can come and fill the voids within my life.

If the path to life and healing and fulfillment are through surrender then no cost is to great!

I  welcome your thoughts .


~ by hopespassage on October 16, 2012.

6 Responses to “Is Surrender the Pathway to Life?”

  1. Hi Hope. Always a blessing to read your thoughts. It’s exciting to watch your journey and gives me hope for friends and family members who are still mired in the world of self. Hugs…dee

  2. Thanks Hope, enjoy reading your blogs, inspiring to all and to me, love you Kath

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