What is my Next Step?

It has been awhile since my last post.  My life has been full lately.  I continue to process the deep wounds in my life.  Between work and  processing through the darkest seasons in my life; I have been stretched thin emotionally and physically.  A very wise friend  of mine Ricky Chelette from Living Hope Ministries told me “this is a process not event.”   Thank you Ricky for those wise words they have sustained my commitment  to the healing journey time and again.  Many  internal changes are taking place deep within me.

Since April of 2012, I have been job searching in the greater Dallas Forth Worth area.  These are challenging and competitive times for every position open.   However God in His wisdom has been preparing me me to make the transition to the DFW area.   I have been challenged  to entrust this aspect of my life to Him.   During the last month or so I have noticed a very internal switch taking place within me.  As December began I became very aware that I would be making the move To Dallas very soon.  In my mind this meant I would have a job and the ideal place to live.

However, I am discovering  God often has a different path for us to follow one that rarely matches our own plans.  In fact it most often defies our own understanding and moves us to press into God for all that is needed for the next step of faith.  This is very apparent in my own life.  God has made provision for me to move to Dallas between the end of December and mid-January.  December 28 will be my last day on staff at my church. I will be leaving behind good friends some who have become  family to me.  That’s the bitter sweet part of this decision.

This move is a step of faith on my part as I will be going with a small cushion and no job on the horizon.  However, I am confident this is the next step in my journey.  A good friend of mine reminded me of the clip from the Indiana Jones film the Last Crusade where Indy comes to the Chasm and must  to choose to take a leap of faith into the unknown.  Enjoy the scene accompanied by Jeremy Camp and his song Walk by Faith.

I know some will think I have lost my mind in taking such a risk, but sometimes you have to do what God tells you to even when it appears illogical and seems impossible to understand.  Hum, I think I have been here before  just about four years ago when I took my first steps of faith and God placed it on my heart to move to East Texas.   This time I have a clear concept of who God is and a confidence He will provide what I need as I embark on this adventure.  “It’s impossible, nobody can jump this…its a leap of faith.”  Indiana Jones Last Crusade.

Thank you for following my journey.  Please feel free to leave comments and questions.


~ by hopespassage on December 11, 2012.

21 Responses to “What is my Next Step?”

  1. I support you and I love you!

  2. Hope, I sure wish you all of the best in this very scary and uncertain move. Why don’t you want to stay with the known, keep your job at the church and stay with your friends. What is it that keeps you wanting to move on. It seems like a quiet life in a small town, with plenty of friends and a job that provides would be a good thing. Take a break, enjoy what you have accomplished. I really am worried that you will not find what you are looking for in Dallas, but who am I to say> Just a good friend worried about you.


    • Val
      Thank you for love and care for me, This is a God thing! I know this is hard for you to understand, it is not a logical step but a spiritual one. Since I have posted interviews have been opening up and a great place to live is on the horizon. As you know I have been entrusting God with my life over the last four years.

      Val you are a dear friend and have stood by me for many years now. Lets talk soon!


  4. No one can tell you God’s will for your life, it’s just something you have to seek from Him for yourself. I believe that as He has spoken to you and as you step out in faith, He will meet you and He will provide. And if ever you doubt your decision, remember today, how strongly you feel about what He has told you to do and trust Him to take care of you. You will be greatly missed! Love and support from the Janetis’!

  5. You are loved and will be sorely missed here in Longview. Your time here has blessed me immensely. Let’s definately keep in touch my friend. I pray God’s highest blessings for you. I pray that you embrace the grace and love of our Savior even more through your move and continued journey with Him. And I pray His peace flood your soul as He ministers to you. Through Christ Jesus our Lord, AMEN

  6. Hope, I have been in many situations in my life that I felt God leading me in directions, but did not have all the answers of why, what, when, how, etc. I just had to leave the safe unknown; step out and find out. I have never been the type of person who likes to shoot from the hip. I prefer safety. All questions answered ahead of time, with everything planned out. Sometimes you just know it is a God thing, and you’ve got to go with it. You can’t explain it and not everyone will approve. You will be missed in Longview! I pray that God will show up with every provision you need at just the right time. We have lots of examples throughout the Bible of faith people who stepped out in faith, as God lead them places, where they did not know all the answers. You are in good company. God says that His Sheep know His voice and a stranger they will not follow. You are His sheep. We learn how to recognize Him, and Hear His voice clearer and clearer, through each life experience we encounter with Him. He is the Author and Finisher of your faith. I trust He is leading and guiding you to your destiny, which was planned long before you were born. It must be really good! The enemy tried real hard to destroy you. It shows how much he is afraid. Afraid of your healing process. Afraid of you finding out what your true identity is, which God destined you for. Afraid of you going into his territory and messing up his plans. I pray that God surrounds you with His protection. The safest place to be is smack dab in the middle of where He wants you. I pray you be Blessed! I will continue to pray for you in the future! From my heart to your heart, Your sister in Christ Jesus, Jane

  7. Dear Sister Hope, I pray that the Lord guides your steps in the DFW area (my birthplace 😉 and that he provides home and a steady income. I pray that he continues to reach into you, layer by layer, throwing out the trash from the enemy and washing you clean, as he strengthens you, re-affirms you, loves you and heals you. Your words have been inspirational for me in my own process out of SSA. Don’t give up hope Hope! Don’t let the enemy rock your faith or try to destroy who you are in Christ! Beautiful, sanctified, clean and pure!

    • Thank you Ricardo
      God is so real in my life and I am thankful for all He has done and continues to do. I look forward to exploring the Big D got any resturants or fun places to visit let me know

  8. Wow! Big steps for you girl. I hope you stay in touch. Love you.

    • Yes they are it seems ever since I made the decision to entrust God and go He has been opening housing ops and interviews. I hope to finalize my housing today and have two interviews tomorrow.

      Love you too Dee!

  9. I admire for for stepping out into what you feel God is calling you to do Hope. You will be greatly missed at LifeBridge and have been such a vital part that it’s hard to see you go. May The Lord bless you for your faithfulness to Him and the rest of the body of Christ. Trusting He will provide protection, peace and provision for you my sister. God loves you so much & wants to show you great and marvelous things as you continue to walk with Him. Much love to you! Bejé

  10. One of the things I pray many many times a day, is for me to do God’s will… not mine… and to know the difference… It has truly changed my life… in many ways.

    Thanks Hope.

  11. Hi Hope, you are in my prayers. I hope you are doing well! God bless you.

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